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K2Contruction-Marbella, headed by Luis Vazquez, with excellent track record of many years of service providing a closer service associated Technical Architect in Malaga, collaborator of the Courts of Málaga and the province as a legal expert and very experienced in providing comprehensive services such as valuations of properties, planning applications, Buildings Technical Inspections (ITE), Contributor to projects of all sizes and with forty years of experience in the construction business. We plan and execute from small apartments or houses,villas, commercial requirements, designing, renovating and  refurbishing, complete developments, up to completion of projects. Some of the services offered by this department, in addition to the information mentioned above are as follows:

Guiding and accompany the prospective customer to give a technical opinion on the property.

We undertake reports prior to the purchase, advising the buyer of the actual condition of the property, performed by simple visual inspection (without entering expenses or lab tests that are not normally required), controlling cracks, humidity, state of the electrical, plumbing, heating or air conditioning systems.

We legalize works done in homes that have been expanded over time and show a difference of the built area (m²) in the title deeds from reality, preparing plans and reports ready for the notary. Providing plans, surfaces and justifications in order to execute the Deed of New Development of the property not included in existing one. 

Energy Efficiency Reports, rising in the case of not having, plans needed to obtain a certificate proving even true  nature of the surfaces, which often differ form the ones in the Land Register.

We provide studies and projects “Safety and Health” for all kind of construction projects.

We provide through our own K2Architecture Studio all kind of Construction Projects -New Construction or Modifications, including all related and necessary to the same, as: Feasibility Study of land according to the General Plan of the area, or the partial plan, topographical drawings, Preliminary, Basic or Execution Projects, we maintain relations with the municipalities to obtain the building permits and Certificate End of Work, that is what we call "OUTSTANDING SERVICES OF THE HIGHEST ORDER" .



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Property Valuations

For K2RealEstate one of our offers for properties for sale is to meet with an owner, inspect his property and give him an idea, based on our long experience and extensive market knowledge, as to the real value of his property in the current market, as well as our consensus with respect to establishing a sensible asking price. Asking too much for a property means there is a real risk of not reaching the market place in the first instance. Asking too little may mean that the property gets sold for less than what it is actually worth. The critical first point in a sales strategy is getting the asking price right

An estimation or valuation is an essential part of our business and usually K2RealEstate, performs this service free of charge.

Many clients would like a formal valuation to be performed either for bank purposes, estate purposes, or any one of a number of other valid reasons. We are pleased to refer to the technical architect, Luís Vazquez Deza, who has joined K2RealEstate´s team as a very experienced, fully qualified and accredited property valuer.

Luis´s valuations prepared for K2RealEstate clients are reviewed by K2RealEstate´s sales and listing staff. The cost of these services is available upon request.

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